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Equally passionate about performing and teaching, Dr. Bruley serves as Assistant Professor of Voice & Opera at the Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts, as well as maintains an active private studio both online and in New York City.


My intention as a voice teacher is to help my students find their individual sound and nurture that voice to ensure that the vocal production is as healthy and as efficient as possible. Through vocal technique, dramatic and expressive interpretation, language skills, musical styles, and musical and artistic creativity, my goal is to help my students achieve the best vocal product for the least amount of effort. I use a classical approach to teach each student differently, to achieve their goals regardless of the musical style they choose. As a teacher and artist, I am deeply committed to teach students from all backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, culture, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability. Every person deserves the right to work, learn, live, and in our case, sing, and I dedicate myself to ensuring that can happen in my teaching studio.

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Read testimonials from Mr. Bruley's past and current students at Yavapai, ASU, Rutgers University, and his private studio.

"Professor Bruley has been a wonderful teacher and an important part of my musical education and growth since coming to ASU. I’ve had the pleasure of learning from him while pursuing my undergraduate degree in Music. He is knowledgeable and kind, and has helped me to improve my vocal technique, along with my musicality and expression while performing. He encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone and has the expertise to pay attention to the details that will take a performance to the next level! He is unique in that he shows great care and consideration for his students; he’s helped my experience as a transfer student to go a little bit smoother and has helped me feel more at home in the music program!"
"An incredible singer on stage and in the classroom, Professor Bruley has an impeccable voice that resonates with whoever is listening and can be heard guiding his students towards success in his studio. His unique vocal instruction really allows his singers to reach their full potential by utilizing proper technique and musicianship. While under Professor Bruley's instruction at the Herberger Institute of Design and Arts, I felt myself really grow into my own shoes as a performer, musician, and singer at a consistent and stress-free pace. All of this is possible thanks to Prof. Bruley’s passionate dedication to his students. Thank you for all the support!"
"Under Prof. Bruley’s instruction, I believe I have improved considerably vocally over the last ~2 years under his direction. I am learning proper breathing and vocal technique, and in the process, building my confidence as a singer... Aside from being an amazing teacher and performer, Prof. Bruley is a kind and professional person. He is always encouraging me. I hope that I can continue to take lessons from him after he becomes Dr. Bille Bruley."
"Prof. Bruley has been nothing but honest, helpful, incredibly encouraging and respectful in our lessons. When there was something I thought I was incapable of doing technically, I was immediately encouraged and reassured that I could. I appreciate the honest conversations I am able to have with him about anything and feel that anyone would be lucky to have him as a teacher and mentor."
"Prof. Bruley has been my voice teacher for two years now and I cannot say enough about how he has influenced my ability as a singer. He not only has demonstrated his superior ability as a professional opera performer, but also as an extremely gifted teacher.  I have a musical background myself and I can say that someone having both these qualities is not a common trait. Prof. Bruley has the ability to communicate his masterful knowledge of music in a way that is both patient and effective for those of us with lessor abilities. As a result of his teaching, I am more confident in my singing and auditions have been far easier. Mr. Bruley excels in his profession on so many levels it’s hard to summarize all of it. I’ll just say, Bravo!" 
"As an older singer (68), I really appreciate the kind guidance I have received in Mr. Bruley’s voice lessons. With the upmost respect, Mr. Bruley immediately zeroed in on where I needed to improve the most. He has helped me tremendously with vocal technique and breath control through many different exercises and keen observance during my lessons—even through zoom. He also used fun exercises to assist in song interpretation. I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to study with him. I feel much more confident in my singing ability than at any time in the past."
"I am a very fortunate 8th grader who has been blessed to work with the amazing Bille Bruley... Within the two and a half years, my voice has evolved, and my voice is still changing (as most 13 year old girls are) and he has helped me transition gracefully. Bille showed me how to support, reach over the higher notes, open my soft pallet, feelings and emotion during songs and acting pieces, only to list a few. He has also assisted me to always do my best as well as to read music. Bille makes the lessons personal and makes terms understandable and that makes sense to each one of his students individually. I am so happy that I have gotten to work with this amazing teacher and amazing human being!"


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For private lesson inquiries and availability, please contact Mr. Bruley directly through the form below.

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